Just watched the cat returns (2002)


Yesterday watched that anime with my gf. For all film I enjoyed an old drawing style of anime. The best moment as I remember its moment, when Haru Yoshioka saved a cat from being hit by a truck. After that, cat standed up like a human and thanked her for it. As we will find a little bit later, that was a son of king of cat kingdom. At the next day Haru find a catnip at back yard. She have no idea what happened, and tried to get to school in time. While she run to school a lot of cats ran with her to school. That was a lil cute and funny. After school she cleaned up an school class. She took trash out, but she met with a cat that she saw last night(Lets name him cat X). They talked some about that "gifts". I dont remember a detaild of their dialogue :< . After dialogue Haru hear an unknown voice that say "Go to the crossroad and find a big white cat, and get directions to the Cat Bureau from him". Haru made all, as told that voice and find a Baron(Yea, that cat was at Whisper of the Heart). All was great, he made a tea with a taste that changes every time. But suddenly appear here that cat x, and stole Haru(Seriusly, it stole a girl). They jumped at some portals while running from Baron and big white cat(Oh yeah, there also a raven) right to the Cats Kingdom. When they get at cats kingdom she saw a cat Yuki. Haru feed that cat in childhood. Yuki was a beauty white cat with red bob on the neck. She told Haru that this is a bad idea to contact with king of that kingdom but Haru didn't listen to her. Haru went to a castle with big whitte cat(let me name him heavy, lol). When they came in cats took Haru to the room where she wwas dressed in a wedding dress, also cats took a heavy to a next room where was a lot of food and sweets. Now, my best attempts to tell you tthat story is over, so let me skip some like I can. Bla bla bla, Ballet, buffets, fun, Haru's tears bcause hoovy drown  in jelly, return of Baron, and leaving from that "Ballet". Now a little more in detail. After leaving from that ballet, they got to the labyrinth. By the way Haru started to become a cat at that ballet. They are successfully leaving a labyrinth right to the high tower that coming right to the sky. After all, king of cats kingdom blew up that tower, for close a entrance for Naru and her friends. That cat king declared a duel to a Baron, and he lost it very fast. At the same time Haru going up at steps to the up of a tower, where she can returd to the normal world. When she tried to climb up, she fall out and tried to climb up by heavy, but she fall with him. At that moment somehow Baron with raven saved Haru and heavy from falling. They all successfully landed at the school roof, where Haru went to home. Happy end.

Im first time tried that kind of raffles. Anyway, enjoy that random stuff
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