Pain in the Back #31

Heyo, last raffle for this week. I'll be back tuesday with #32  :3 anyway hope you guys are doing well. Time for another story, I call this one:
WTF Don't Tryhard x100 servers.
So this happened on a x100 server circa id guess 2017~2018. No clue which one. I'm running around wearing my first unusual (a purple energy birdcage but thats a story for another day) and airblasting hoovies into space using the backburner's airblast. Idk what version of x100 this was but you got one airblast with the backburner and it would launch people so hard they would bounce off the maps invisible walls. Anyway I'm doing this having a good time, when this guy joins. Lets call him Wapig (idk funny madeup cover name is funny, if your username is actually wapig I am sorry) anyway so Wapig joins, chooses solider, comes out with his aulstralium rocket laiuncher and starts killing the freindlies. Not too bad, bit of jerk thing to do but whatever. Then this guy starts going on about how we should be capping, of course the server mostly just people goofing around, and an army of like 6 hoovies. So he gets the response you'd expect. No. Well another 10 minutes or so of us goofing off and not taking the game seriously whatsoever and Wapig just snaps. Starts going off on how friendlies are killing the game and how people who don't take it seriously shouldn't be allowed to play. (summarized cause he filled this spiel with more curses and swears than a sailor who just dropped an anchor on his big toe)
Well I am getting a bit tired of this so I just send a message in chat (didn't have a mic) "Wapig, shut up, you are on a x100 server. This is probably the least serious version of TF2 that exists" well Wapig, didn't like this in the slightest, dude starts cursing at me now, and then, This part always makes me laugh, he starts a vote to kick against me for "harassment" of course he gets no votes towards it, since almost everyone on the server has had enough of him by this point. So the vote ends with him not getting enough votes for yes, and he starts going on a rant about that. When one of the hoovies: lets call him Groovie cause he had a miami nights unusual winter woodsman (played on the server with the guy for like another half hour, wish I knew how to do freind requests at the time XD), apparently has had enough and starts a vote to kick on Wapig, needless to say nobody had any objections to that. So yeah Thank you Groovie, for putting a kick against that jerk since I didn't know how to at the time lol.
Anyway moral of the story, just don't try to be super serious, especially on x100 servers, its a game not life or death xP
So yeah hope you enjoyed, this story always kinda makes me laugh a little when I think about it. Let me know what you think Below.
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