This is about 47 ref

141 reclaimed, and 423 scraps. That's about the same as 300 tips. (I'm rounding big ok)

Well thanks, it's a cool milestone to hit. Even if tips don't mean too much nowadays, it's nice to get somewhere doing things I enjoy; Writing dumb stuff and blog-esk raffles. 

Well, I guess I'll dump future plans. Once I'm freed up from my assignments (end of the school year lots of shit) I'll try to include art more. I can draw, not the best but I guess I can do something with that. Maybe I'll write some other stuff, like an SCP. That would be dope. But I really wanna do more than a *popular raffler inserted into an already existing SCP with minor changes* SCP. Well, I hope to be around and hit higher milestones. Yall dope af. 
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