Why Would Valve Do This?

How are you gonna put a 7-day trade hold on all trades?

Look, I understand this has been around for years now, I know this isn't new. But I haven't been around for a while and I don't trade as heavily as I used to.

But listen, I just traded some dude some crappy 11 cent cs:go skins and now I can't retrade it if I wanted to. Which I don't. But that's not the point.

Who's getting scammed out of an 11 cent skin often enough that a trade hold is required?
And even if they were, whats the trade hold gonna do?
When has ValveĀ everĀ responded to something within 7 days?

Let's walk through it: you and some other dickhead wanna trade your 4 cent csgo skin to each other. You both open your incredibly glitchy and poorly designed Steam apps. You both confirm the trade. Now you have his shitty skin and he has yours. But wait! You accidentally traded him the wrong item! It's a 5 cent skin! Oh no! Wait, thank god he can't resell that for 7 days! Better report it. Then what? Valve reverses the trade within the next 7 days? LMAO ok. People got scammed out of knives 6 years ago and they're still waiting to hear back from Valve, I don't think you're getting your skin back.

Why does this exist? Trading isn't a thing anymore.
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