Ranking Smash 64 Newcomers #2

Jigglypuff has been eliminated with 88 votes.
Character #: 12
Series of origin: Pokemon

Placement on tier list: B(6)
Special moves: Neutral B - Pound, Up B - Rest, Down B - Sing
Special attributes: No rising Up-B.
Jigglypuff is basically just Kirby's model but with ears and a little tuft on the head. Also, they have different special moves, 2 of which are infamous. Rest and Sing. Sing puts the enemy to sleep, which is also dependent on how much percent they have. Rest is terrifying. Rest is basically an instant kill at mid to high percents, and does a ton of damage on top of that. Rest's hitbox is super small, so it's hard to land them, but when you do, hoooooly shiiiiiiit that feels good. If you whiff a rest and you're at mid to high percent's, say goodbye to that stock. Jigglypuff is a lightweight, similar to Kirby's, and can be killed easily. Pound isn't anything special,but it can be used to recover. Also, it might not be in this game, but Pound can break shields.
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