Unusual Quest #1

Hello everyone! First I'll start off with thanking everyone for he nice things and headpats yesterday, and Marcin for starting that up x3

Secondly, I currently don't own an unusual yet, so, any tips on the best way to get some? I know there's trading and raffles, and that crates have a 1% chance (I think it was 1% at least) etc. As it stands, I have 1 actual key and over enough refine to get a second key (somewhere around 70 ref last I checked) Im not entirely sure what there is for unusual effects yet, cause I haven't been on this game for years, and even back then I was pretty dumb. So that I'll have to explore. 
What I DO know is that I'd want it on either an All Class Hat, Medic / Soldier / Pyro Hats, or a Weapon.

Thirdly, what's your favorite unusual effect(s)? Lets get a discussion of that going on here, Im curious.

Oh, and each raffle will be a Mascot or two, probably gonna do  this as a weekly raffle until I get an usual. Today's items are the Medic's very own animal, Archimedes and the closest thing I can find to a Sledder's Sidekick 
Give em a good home~
What Unusual are you looking for?
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