:iswb_music: Foo Fighters February - Miracle :iswb_music:

Hello there Another day another song. For my part I'll be covering "In Your Honor". Here's today's song

As someone that had only listened to Foo Fighters through this event, some of the rock songs in this one weren't as impactful compared to the other songs they had made before. Well, even this is a quote about this album, "it got to the point where I didn't want them to play the rock songs anymore. I was afraid they were going to get stale."

If I had the chance to make 2 separate parts for this album since it's split into 2 discs, one rock and one acoustic. For the rock songs I would pick out Best of You, DOA and End Over End. But since I didn't like most of them as much I decided to go with the acoustic songs since I preferred those more.

:nekoheart: Tune in tomorrow for the next song! :nekoheart:
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