What's in the Scrap Sack? #13

African wild dogs are so cool looking, with all their different colours, I love those and Australian Shepards! 

Haven't done much to be honest, just finished an art thing I never finished 100% and started drawing a feral dragon, maybe I'll work on snakes or dogs today!

I was in a trade server yesterday and this dude was playing the best meme music, then some other guy who was playing real music played 'All I want for Christmas is you' and the meme dude played the femur breaker sound effect at the same time, so it was Mariah Carey singing whilst this random dude was screaming his heart out in pain and horror, truly one of the best VC moments I've ever had lmao
I was playing a bit today and I saw another engie that had a strange saccharine striped panic attack, it looked so good on the blu team! it was such a nice colour of purple, I might save up for one of those. I also think engie should get some new pistols, maybe a lasso gun that doesn't do much damage but slows people down? Also, another thing that would be cool is a wrench that lets you build two sentries, the stats of both are equal to one level 2 sentry, it'd be like the engineer class in Deep Rock Galactic and it'd be interesting to see how people would use it! I also really wish engie had hair cosmetics that let you wear different hats instead of his normal helmet.

I'm also considering putting my Flippin Awesome taunt for sale, I stupidly traded my Rancho relaxo taunt for it and I realise that the Flippin taunt is worth less :(

I'm about a third of the way to getting a head prize too, I have some stuff I'm going to sell that will be enough, it's just the time waiting to see if anyone wants it tbh
Here's a Scottish handshake!

"The word rum and the word death mean the same thing to you!"

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