I got robbed for the third time this month

It happened when i was taking my dog out for a walk. We had already walked a couple of blocks, so it was time to head back. While doing so, i went through an empty street, wich kinda worried me, but since it was 5:30 and there was still sun light i didn't worry too much. However, out of nothing, a 20 year-ish dude came out of where the cars are parked on the street with his hand under his shirt, so it looked like it had a gun. He didn't even had to say anything, i am so used to getting robbed that i inmediately took out my cellphone. I don't normally go out with it, but this time i forgot to leave it at home. 

Now, you are probably asking yourself "If he didn't actually have a gun and it was just his hand under his shirt, then why did you give him your phone?" 
Well, they normally don't have a gun, but you can never tell for sure. I didn't felt like getting fucking shot today, so i just gave him my belongings.

This is the third time this month. The last time, the dude who tried to rob me didn't actually take anything from me (since i wasn't carrying anything) and the time before that they tried to steal my dog, but i ran away before they could. They can steal my cellphone, but i'll never let my dog be taken away.

Technically this is the first time robbed this month since the other two i didn't get stolen, but i got threatened.

Welp, there goes one more route i cannot walk through.

Each day i'm more scared of what could happen to me. I fear for my dog, wich is everything for me. I'm beggining to be scared of going out alone. If i gotta go somewhere really late, i usually call a friend to ask him if he wants to come with me, since by being together the chances of someone deciding to rob us decreases significantly.  

Luckily, me and my family are planning on moving out to a safer zone in Buenos Aires.

Anyways, that's all i wanted to tell you guys. Here, have some parachutes.
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