Today i saw a fortnite advertisment on also, QnA

I dont really think it will make them a lot of profit... i mean... ya know.

Leave your questions down below! i will be answering them in another raffle!

anyways, remember the last raffle? ya dont? well dont worry here it is.
Well, the teacher finally gave me a 6. yay. 

i dont know why im making a raffle. i guss its just because i wanted to tell you about the 6. or maybe about the ad. idk. i just wanna talk to somebody, you know? i've been feeling kind of lonely lately. maybe its because i spend to much time on nah, i dont think so. i mean, im not so lonely, but i still feel lonely... YES! That is the reason! I finally discovered why i make raffles! I make raffles because i feel lonely and i always wanna talk to somebody!

Is that a bathing?
or a good thing?
what do you think?

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Heavy Calibre Try in reality? I was stuttering, avoiding eye contact and my hands were trembling at my first date with a guy. You can go for trying if you want.
Cantropeus Yeah anyways i dont think i will get a girlfriend in here :p
Heavy Calibre Yeah, I meant a girlfriend. I didn't know which way you swing, so I thought the term "relationship" would refer to both girlfriend and boyfriend. I am not sure about using online dating applications, but I know that 2 people met on and became a couple. Haven't heard from them ever since as I was away for more than 6 months. I can see you have been posting comments on other raffles.
Good, that's y i
Cantropeus well im dont know what kind of relationship you are talking about, but if you mean to get a girlfriend or something like that... well... i never been in love, so it may just be the solution
What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? (Be it intentional or not)
Turkey Butt cus 'builtings' sounds ridiculous
If buildings are already built, why are they still called buildings?
Lord Stamtish wat? never heard of the word
Do you regret life?
Heavy Calibre Guess it's time to get a relationship? Sounds to me like you are the clingy type. (Not meant to be offensive, my partner is too. He can relate to feeling loneliness on his own. Doesn't like to burden others.) Would you consider getting in a relationship with someone?
Cantropeus yeah on this site, but as i said, im not so lonely. i just feel lonely. i mean, i got friends and i hang out with them all the time, but i cant stand being a lot of time on my own
Fortnite ads are already bad since the game is already well-known meaning its just screaming for money or popularity,so yeah
For the QnA, which is your favorite out of the letters Q, n, and A (case specific)?
What is better, Star Wars or Star Trek or the ladder?
Heavy Calibre Yup. Have you tried making friends around here since last year? Any people you reached out to or who reached out to ye'? On this site or in reality?
Cantropeus hmmm... guess its both then
I think it could be both a good and a bad thing. Good, because you get to create space in which you can interact with people - comments' section, servers if some rafflers call for it; bad - because it consumes some of your inventory and since you mentioned saving some for a collection, well... If ye' need to vent, then maybe add me and see if we can sort things out.



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