5 years ago. I decided I no longer want to be F2P.
I loaded in $5 to my account, and went shopping in store. 
I bought key to crate of which name I don't remember, and opened All-class crate. 

Then I unboxed them 
Out of first I got Field Practice, a hat for the Medic
Out of second I got Strange Tough Stuff Muffs. All-class hat. 

After some time, I sold both, I bought white painted prehistoric pullover, which I later sold for other things, and so on and so forth. 

Yesterday, I randomly decided, I wish to have my hats back, so I went to and checked my inventory history. 
Sadly, my field practice doesn't exist anymore, probably got traded up or something, may it rest with the code.

My strange muffs however, still exist. And I localized them. 
I managed to buy them back. I don't know what happened with them, checking bp history it only had one person there, and it wasn't even me, however, I know it was this hat, because it was in my backpack, all those years ago. 

Now I am reunited with it, and I won't let go of it this time. 
What adventures it was on for past 5 years? I may never know. But now it doesn't matter, because we are together again. 
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