F-Zero Pilot Profile #15: Bio Rex


Bio Rex was created by the Keerlon Corporation using techniques that were outlawed on earth centuries ago. He was born out of the DNA of a fossilized dinosaur egg, and genetically altered to have increased strength and human-level intelligence. Before even entering any race, he was faced with non-stop interviews, press conferences, public appearances, and public scrutiny. Eventually, his patience reached a breaking point and his fiery temper caused a PR nightmare for the Keerlon Corporation, who distanced themselves from Bio Rex. He first entered the race to prove he was superior to humans as a new species. After his first Grand Prix he continues to race to satisfy his ravenous appetite for mammoth ribs.

Machine: Big Fang
Body: B
Boost: D
Grip: A
The Big Fang was designed by the Keerlon Corporation. It was designed with Bio Rex' violent tendencies in mind and has an incredibly tight control scheme that works well with Bio Rex' fierce reflexes. 
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