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Hi, if you remember who I am, then hello again. If you forgot who I am, then I'm the guy who made raffles about CoD Zombies and such but anyways, I wanna talk about the things that has happened since Jan. 19, when I made my last raffle before this. So let's start off with February, since I only have like 1 story I wanna share here and that's when I tried to ask out my crush if me and her just want to hang out togehter. Fortunately, she did say yes but UNfortunately, we were both busy on school things, so, we didn't really do it. Now for March! Okay, at this point, it has been 2 months since my pc died and I am currently on just trying to get the money on fixing it. Which me and my friend talked about and my friend being a pc nerd, he concluded that my own pc fix would cost like 2k PhP (36 USD). I also got my highest round/personal best yet in CoD Zombies that being Round 43 on Bo1 Ascension (like recently as by the time I'm writing this) and Avenged Sevenfold dropped their newest song, Nobody and it's fucking awesome. Uhm, so far that's the things that has happened since Jan. 19 that I think is worthy of sharing on this site!
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