Psy's Sentry Saver #3

Hello again! As requested via poll, I will do engie tips. These tips will mostly be tips for newer engies, so don't get salt with "I already knew that!" and stuff like that. 

Sentry Saving tips #1: Awareness. As an engineer, this could mean hearing a spy decloak, listening to your team about the Überpush that is coming your way, or even seeing that same Überpush before they reach your nest. If you hear, listen, and see, you will be less likely to die from sneaky enemies. You may be asking yourself: "Psy, why are you talking about something as simple as using your ears and eyes?" Well, I cannot tell you how many times I have seen newer engies sitting, turtling, and not hearing the spy decloak directly behind them. So be aware, and, Sentry Saving is hard buisness, so use this.

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Engineer Psy A lil advanced way I found to deal with sentry busters that helps your own team a lot is to max out jump height, and just off a ledge and use a bind to destroy your sentry in midair, if done correctly the sentry buster will infinitely run under that location giving your Medic free krits,
BOX Scribbs Ok, that'll be in a future raffle.
If you need a tip idea MvM edition you could always say the correct way, or at least one of the ways, to deal with Sentry Busters, far too often ive seen newer players have absolutely no idea and end up losing their entire nest, or half their own team.
Not to be an ASSSSS, but you can just camp in a corner without having to worry about your back getting stabbed, as long as its safe from Snipers or Soldiers, depends what maps you're talking about.
Splo Thanks mate :)
well it may just be a begginner's tip, but some people do forget to look around since sometimes it kinda get boring when ur playing as an engi thats far back from the front lines. but thats when ur most vulnerable from spies, so u should still be aware? also idk what im saying here, i dont really play as engi and i guess im just backing up on ur tip?



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