Crap Game of the Day #44: Ruff Trigger: The Vanocore Conspiracy

I would say this game is furry bait trash, but it's just a shameless ripoff of Ratchet and Clank. Ruff Trigger came out in 2006 for the PS2 and was a platformer/third person shooter... just like Ratchet and Clank. You'll notice that playing through the game that pretty much the whole game is just a cheap version of Ratchet of Clank. Like the plot, pretty much a ripoff of Going Commando's plot. You play as Ruff who is a bounty hunter tasked with saving these creatures known as piglots. You find out later that they are meant to be used as pets and they have to drink this weird green substance so they don't transform back into hideous beats. So basically Going Commando. The gameplay is also very similar. You can smash Ratchet and Clank type boxes, weapons like Ratchet, y'know. But unlike Ratchet, this game isn't fun. The controls are pretty bad and the jump is even worse. Ruff has a terrible double jump which barely sends him higher in the air and is the least confident jump I've ever seen in a game. 80% of the jumps you'll question if you can make them. The guns are all weak and cheap knockoffs of Ratchet's weapons. It takes too many bullets to take down one enemy. The enemies are not threating at all. If you keep moving, they'll never hit you unless you run into their bullets. You can crawl like a snail and they still won't hit you. Also Ruff can turn into a werewolf. Why? In one of the cutscenes he finds the green liquid that keeps the piglots from transforming into hideous beasts, and for whatever reason he decides to drink it. Motherfucker is an idiot, but now he's a werewolf I guess. The werewolf form gives you extra speed and damage. You can only use melee attacks however, but you can stunlock enemies by just tapping the attack button over and over again. It doesn't run out so abuse it all you want. Those piglots, they're also in all of the levels. They don't do much of anything except open a door. Most of the time you can ignore them because they are not worth the hassle of saving because you can only carry one at a time. Bosses are pretty lame. There is a reoccurring boss called Armageddon who also drank the green substance. Unlike Ruff he can't control his transformation. He's stupidly easy, you can beat the guy in 10 seconds on every fight. The other bosses are pretty bad and mainly resort to picking up piglots and dropping them somewhere to activate something to win. The graphics are pretty poor. Being released in 2006, I expect them to look much better. Also comic sans shows up. The voice acting is also really bad, Ruff is supposed to be this snarky wise guy but sounds like some wimp trying to act tough. They also swear a lot saying 'hell' and 'damn'. It's like Shadow the Hedgehog all over again. There is no point in playing this game. Just play any of the Ratchet and Clank games on PS2. They are of higher quality and are more fun to play.

Here's some crap gameplay of Ruff Trigger
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