Silent contracts of Scrap.TF

When you start dating someone, you don't need to make explicit that there will be limits. It's assumable that joining a relationship will limit you from doing things such as making out with anyone you'd like to (unless they agree with that). It's a silent contract: There's no need for any of the parties to write down a relationship constitution. Us, as a society, have plenty of silent contracts, now what are the ones from Scrap.TF?

1 - When a user begs for tips, you should comment
2 - When gifted a Premium tier, you may want to put a link to the gifter's profile on your profile description.
3 - Users may want to raffle their milestones. Someone gifted them SP? They reached 1,000 public raffles created? They joined X number of raffles? Make a raffle about it to tell everyone.
4 - Outbidding someone by one scrap is annoying. Whyyyy?
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