Uncanny X Week! Nerdcore Mixtape #1045) Tribalstack Tropics: Yooka Laylee (Rock/Metal) Guitar Cover - gabocarina96

(Note: This raffle was meant for June 3rd but got delayed)

Yesterday's Mixtape: Tetris Theme (Ska) - Melting Pot

Continuing with Uncanny X Week, this is ICC's next pick. A cover fro the Yooka Laylee game of Tribalstack Tropics by gabocarina96. This artist hasn't been featured in this raffle series since #137... wow I need to use him more.
Anyways, I absolutely adored Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie on the N64 from my childhood, and with good reason with them being such amazing games. I didn't learn till later on that most people felt the same way about those games as I did. I never played the third one on the Xbox, but I get how it was such a vast disappointment. Aside from some Game Boy Advanced game that I usually forget exists, the Banjo franchise seemed to have died back then. 
Then comes along Yooka Laylee, the spiritual successor made by the same developers to truly try and recapture the magic of those first two games. From what I hear, it was largely successful. I own the game now, but have not gotten around to playing it yet. But it is one of the ones I plan to play next when I finish a few other games (completionist life)
This music and cover really captures that old school Banjo Kazooie feel. The more I hear from this soundtrack, the more I get excited for finally diving into this game one day. This was a great choice from ICC.

Be sure and let me know what you think down below!

Bonus Video!
Oddly Familiar Episode 24. Where #4 in the video is an entry from Banjo Kazooie.

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