The Christmas Spirit

A portal opens inside a comfy, festive home and 7 raffles are thrown out of the portal.
The raffles crash land into multiple parts of the living room.
UrkeNzY after being thrown into a christmas tree falls on to the floor with a big thud
[UrkeNzY] OUch my head.........Hi Mr Grimoire.

[Everyone except Twisted Corridor because he is to busy drinking Eggnog]  MR GRIMORIE!!!!

Krimena grabs Mr Grimoire by the collar of his jacket and lifts him up in the air.
[Krimena] Why are we here after we just did your ''little game'' IN OCTOBER!!!!
[Mr Grimoire] How the heck should I know! I was just drinking some eggnog with Twisted when a blue portal sucked us and threw us here. So if you be so kind to let me go then we can actually figure out what is going on.
[OneFungi] Well...he does have a point.
[Krimena] Fine.
Krimena lets go of Mr Grimoire and falls on the floor.
[Duck] Wait so if you guys did not do this then....who did?

Then Music starts playing that is followed by a demonic laughter
Shadow of a Mad Man
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