All that for nice noodles

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I went to buy some stuff to stockpile it in my house right? but just before I enter the store this man(around 50?) was just going in the store too and then he notice me and guess what he allow me to go in first, despite him being in his 50 which is a lot older than me and me not trying to be rude, I just shake my head and let him go in first, he disagree and continue to just stand there waiting for me to go in first, do you know how long seconds is when you're staring blankly at a man who is a lot older than you? and guess what after many seconds pass WE BOTH DECIDED to take a step at the same time, he stares at me, I stares at him, eventfully I froze therefore letting him get into the store first

3 boxes of instant noodles(90 packs)
lots of water
2 carton of eggs
Veggies that I eat but keep forgetting the damn name
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