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Sep 7th, 2014
I do raffles and stuff. Sometimes I write stories. Sometimes I shoot things. Meow I'm a pretty kitty.

I've made over 800 raffles, having raffled of many many bits of metal, weapons, hats, stranges, strange/normal skins, taunts and other items. I've even raffled off multiple unusuals and an aussie wrench! (Oh boy, doesn't that make me special..not really.) Used to be 9th most tipped person and 23rd most raffles made, if that helps put it into perspective.

People seem to know me most for the time I take to put a little mini-story or something interested and thoughtful, or sometimes funny and silly stuff into my raffles. I don't think much of it, but whatever keeps the people happy, yeah?

So..that should do for now. I might change this up later, or something
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