Dusk Shadow

Super Premium Your Kirlia Medic

Last online:

Jun 21st, 2015
Medic main, AKA the underpaid and underappreciated babysitter of the team. My subclass is Soldier.

Feel free to add me on steam (comment on my steam profile why the add- or I may ignore it). Do not add me on steam to beg for items, or I will block you. All I ask for is a minimum of a basic level of decency. Please treat others as you would be treated. If I make you uncomfortable or offended in any way, let me know and I will stop, if it is within reason. (Eg, if you say "I hate looking at your stupid face", I'm not going to listen to that)

I do not/will not play competitive. But if I'm able to, I'll play MvM/Casual if you ask.
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