Heals for Reals

We are raising money for American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, an important resource for those in trouble.

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So far, ScrapTF Item Donations have raised $3,805.21 for the American Suicide Prevention Foundation!

What is Heals for Reals?

Heals for Reals, live streaming from Twitch on December 9th and 10th, has partnered with ScrapTF to provide a way for your lovely Team Fortress 2 item donations to be converted to their cash equivalents and donated to AFSP, The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. If you'd like to donate cash directly, that's okay by us too. We have a Just Giving link for you.

What can I get?

You may get the warm fuzzy feeling of doing something good, but we can't promise that.

Instead, we're giving the donors who give at least $10 (that's US dollars) worth of items a reward. An in-game dove themed CornishGamerHen themed medal. If you did experience those warm fuzzies, you can try and get them again by donating even more. Still can't promise you that you'll feel anything but there's a bunch of people out there who may just feel something good enough to stay. And that's what this is all about really.

Donations made on our cash donation tracker also count towards a medal. Remember to add your steam ID to the donation. We will add your ScrapTF item donation total to your cash donation total before determining if you qualify for the award. I mean, someone will. Lets see, who's not busy right now? fishyrj? exile?

Note: They are pretty great medals, I can see why you'd want more. But you will only receive one medal, based on your total ScrapTF and monetary donation amount. Medals will be awarded a few weeks after the event has concluded.

How do my items impact H4R?

Items donated to Heals for Reals through the ScrapTF Fundraiser System are converted to cash through the following procedure:

As soon as the transaction is complete, ScrapTF stores the cash value of your donation at the time it was made. This stored value does not change, even if the economy changes and the value of future donations we accept fluctuates. ScrapTF then transfers the items to a H4R-specific Marketplace.tf account, and sells the items for cash at the price stated when the donation was made. In the event that the item is sold for a higher price than initially listed, the full sale value will be still donated.

Neither ScrapTF nor Heals for Reals takes any portion of the donations. However, a 2% fee is taken from each item's sale value to cover the fee from the payment processors that ScrapTF uses. This fee is actually slightly higher than 2%, but ScrapTF takes that small hit to maximize the amount of money going to the charity. As an example, if a key sells for $2.00, the fee will be $0.04, and the final donated value will be $1.96.

The items will take time to sell. ScrapTF will periodically initiate a payout for the H4R Marketplace.tf account that goes directly to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. No Heals for Reals staff will ever touch any of the money involved.

What items can I donate to H4R?

Our fundraiser only accepts items that can be quickly sold for a predictable cash value. These items are listed below.

Icon Item Donation Value
Icon Unusual Hats Variable
Icon Crate Key $1.90
Icon Earbuds $3.25
Icon Max's Severed Head $37.00
Icon Bill's Hat $3.60
Icon Tour of Duty Ticket $0.90
Icon H.O.U.W.A.R $120.00
Icon Golden Frying Pan $2,200.00
Icon Australium Axtinguisher $10.00
Icon Australium Wrench $39.50
Icon Australium Stickybomb Launcher $22.00
Icon Australium Eyelander $55.00
Icon Australium Tomislav $27.00
Icon Australium Force-a-Nature $17.00
Icon Australium Blutsauger $13.00
Icon Australium Rocket Launcher $72.00
Icon Australium Sniper Rifle $45.00
Icon Australium Scattergun $46.00
Icon Australium Knife $32.00
Icon Australium Medi Gun $42.00
Icon Australium Black Box $25.00
Icon Australium Flame Thrower $33.00
Icon Australium Minigun $36.00
Icon Australium Grenade Launcher $24.00
Icon Australium Ambassador $20.00
Icon Australium Frontier Justice $19.50
Icon Australium SMG $14.00

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