Auto-Leveler is here!


A while back, we released Badge Builder, our service for quickly and easily purchasing sets of Steam trading cards on a per-game basis. While this serves an important function, it's not so great for simply leveling up your Steam profile as quickly as possible. If only there were a better way.

Until now, there literally wasn't a way for you to level up your Steam profile.* Today, we've solved your problems with the release of Auto-Leveler, your one-click** solution for quickly upgrading your Steam profile level. All you have to do is click on the level you want to reach, and we'll sell you exactly the cards you need to achieve that level. Auto-Leveler automatically factors in your current Steam level, as well as your badge completion status to ensure you get exactly what you need with no duplicates.

Sound interesting? Head over to Cardbanking and click "Auto-Leveler", and away you go!

Let us know what you think!


*There was.

**Two clicks, technically.


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