ScrapTF Network-N Survey


Hey guys,

As you may know, in order to cover the costs of running our raffles service, we run advertisements on raffle-related pages. We try to keep these as non-intrusive as possible; we specifically said no to running interstitials, full-page takeovers and "skins". We specifically ensured that our advertisement provider manually reviews all advertisements that are run to prevent malicious or unacceptable ads. We understand that some users will take measures to prevent seeing ads, and we're never going to degrade their experience -- such as annoying guilt-tripping popups or outright blocks -- just because they block ads. Our goal is to provide a great raffle experience that makes financial sense for us.

To that end, we'd much appreciate if you'd take this survey to help our ad providers gain insight into our userbase. The results of this survey will help provide advertisements that make sense to you. It should only take a few minutes and it's entirely anonymous. If you don't want to take it, no sweat; we're all leading busy lives.

Thanks for being a part of the ScrapTF community!

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