A Splash of Color

Avatar OwnerJesse

Some new personalization features have just been released!

For Premium Plus users, you can now set an image as your profile background like this:

There is a lot of control over how your background image is sized and positioned. You can use this as a full wallpaper like I am or place an image in any corner as an icon. To better view your background there is also a setting to make your profile boxes slightly transparent. This feature is only available to premium plus and super premium users. You can buy that using PayPal or TF2 items at https://scrap.tf/premium

There's also a great new feature for everyone! We now have a built in dark theme for the site:


And one more settings change for everyone, your site background color is now separate from your profile background color. These two settings are still available for all users.

Check out these new settings and more at https://scrap.tf/settings and be on the lookout for new personalization settings coming soon.

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