Item Donations Open Now!


Can you hear it? The soundy sound that sounds... charitable? That's right, 2017 item donations are now open!

What is 2017? 2017 is the fourth-annual charity event hosted in London. Running from May 6 to May 7, it provides 26 hours of non-stop action. This will all be live-streamed on Twitch, and they'll be taking donations for Special Effect the whole time. In short: it's pretty cool.

Item Donations

This year, has partnered with ScrapTF to provide TF2 and CS:GO item donations! Items donated through ScrapTF will be converted to cash (through the magical item-conversion properties of and sent directly to Special Effect. It's a great way to give to charity; your hats will benefit the world! 

In addition, you can donate CS:GO Skins and Knives as well! Just like TF2 items, these will be converted directly to cash and sent to Special Effect.


To donate items or learn more, simply head over to the donation page


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