Improved Banking Navigation


We're making a small change to the way that certain banking pages operate. If you're trying to buy hats, unusuals, or CS:GO skins, you'll see a few new buttons. For instance, here's hatbanking:

Keen observers may have noticed that, when buying hats, the items have always been separated into four distinct categories: new hats, strange hats, high-value non-strange hats, and craft hats. However, this has never been very intuitive -- and it can often confuse, leading some users to think that all we had were, say, strange hats.

This new navigation scheme allows you to view all the items, like before; however, now you can view only items from each category. This should help you find what you're looking for.

Similar changes have been made to Unusuals and CS:GO skins. This will be coming to Killstreak Kits and Itembanking as well. Enjoy!


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