Introducing The Megaraffle


Can you smell what the scrap is cooking? After toiling day and night, we're proud to announce The Megaraffle! Read on for details.


The Megaraffle


The Megaraffle is the latest in raffling technology. Each Megaraffle lasts for 24 hours, and is composed entirely of user-contributed items. Anyone can contribute an item to the Megaraffle.

To contribute, simply deposit items into your site inventory. Once that's done, simply click "Contribute Items" on the Megaraffle page, select your items, and submit them. Your name will permanently be shown next to that item, letting the whole world know that you made your mark. If your item is among the top 20 in value, it will be displayed front-and-center for all to see. Raffadelic, baby.

Entry is free to all users who have completed at least 1 trade with ScrapTF in the past 3 months, including any weaponbanking trade (such as exchanging a weapon for the same weapon). This is to prevent bots from unfairly stacking the odds in their favor. Contributing items is not required to enter the Megaraffle.

Winners are randomly selected and each user has the same chance to win. Donor status, mod/administrator status, and priority do not increase your chances of winning. Each winner wins a single item, so there are many chances to win!

We hope you enjoy the Megaraffle; we certainly do! We have a number of additional features planned for the Megaraffle, most of which we will keep secret. Ruminate, however, over Megaraffle Tickets, which grant a single extra entry into the Megaraffle. How does one obtain them? In what quantities? These are all things that you don't know. What you do know, however, is how amazing the Megaraffle is. So go check it out!

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