Introducing ScrapCon 2017


We're proud to reveal ScrapCon 2017: the world's single largest convention for ScrapTF users! Rafflers, traders, auctioneers, scrapbankers -- all are welcome! Read on for tantalizing tidbits of tangential tinformation.

What is ScrapCon?

ScrapCon 2017 is a convention for ScrapTF. Honestly, we thought this one would be pretty obvious. It's a convention. These things are in now. Twitch got one, so we figured it was time.

Where? When? How?

For ScrapCon 2017, we've gone all-out. We've rented out the entirety of Britain as our convention center, though if ticket sales exceed expectations we have Ireland and Scotland as overflow convention centers. ScrapCon 2017 will run from 1 September, 2017 to 30 September, 2017 so make sure you plan your trip accordingly. To fund this endeavor, we've partnered with Bikea, the world's largest all-assembly-required bike supplier. Bike on!

Events and Keynotes

ScrapCon 2017 is filled to the brim with exciting events and keynotes. For the thrill-seekers, head to London for some real-time Scrap-to-Unusual rides! Ranging from a few weeks to over a year, this fun-filled ride allows you to experience the thrill of trading, without the burden of having to worry about who gets your profits (we do).

Thrill not your thing? Head over to Bristol for our -- you guessed it -- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 3-week tournament! Followed immediately by a 3-hour Team Fortress 2 mini-tournament. Refreshments not provided.

If you're the learning type, you'll love our keynote speeches! You'll have to scour the Birmingham sewers to find them, but they're a treat once you do! Get hype for keynotes such as "How to turn your unusual into scrap: a success story" by Brad Pitt (the actor), "How to escape a poorly-run convention the size of a country" by Sneeza (of TF2 Outpost fame), or "Geel's declassified Sewer-Keynote Survival Guide" by yours truly. Finally, we have a surprise guest speaker whose speech is titled "My name is Robin Walker and here's my story".

Travel Information

Please do not secure transportation before securing your ScrapCon 2017 ticket! As we will be using all hotels in Britain for convention purposes during ScrapCon 2017, we have partnered with Seabnb, who will be providing floating homes across the coast of the UK. Available amenities include fresh seawater, authentic sea-storm sleeping experiences, and more.

We recommend the following hotel address:

1 Ocean Way,

Ocean, Ocean 0C34N


Tickets are on sale now for an affordable price! Simply visit the ticket-purchasing website and secure your tickets. They're first-come last-serve, so be quick about it.

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