(Read Desc.!) Strange, 1/1, Uncommon Effect

(Clean: https://backpack.tf/item/9113931382)

The only Strange Blizzardy Storm Citizen Cane in existence! Blizzardy Storm is also currently the least unboxed effect of the Citizen Cane, with only four Blizzardy Storm Citizen Canes having been unboxed: https://backpack.tf/premium/search?item=Citizen%20Cane&quality=5&tradable=1&craftable=1&australium=-1&particle=30&killstreak_tier=0&elevated=11

Price here was approximated based on the value of all other Strange Unusual CCs that have a value listed on backpack.tf. The closest one in value to this one would be the Strange Haunted Ghosts Citizen Cane (~50 keys), which is currently being sold by someone for 45 keys (https://backpack.tf/stats/Strange%20Unusual/Citizen%20Cane/Tradable/Craftable/8).

Awesome all-class hat, strange, with a nice (themed?) effect. Can't go wrong with this one. Oh and it's purple.
Currency Only
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Instant-Buy Price:
32 keys
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28 keys, 9.33 refined
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i want it but im poor
Wanted to point out that the first link showing the item's history doesn't work because I accidentally added a ) to the link itself. Here's the version that works: https://backpack.tf/item/9113931382